The RPM-Pacific Rim Hockey Academy Experience

Welcome to RPM Hockey Company Ltd and the Pacific Rim Hockey Academy (a division of RPM Hockey Company) for the past 30 years RPM has been the preferred choice of parents and players when it comes to teaching the skills required to play hockey. In 2004 the Pacific Rim Hockey Academy was launched working hand in hand with the public school system establishing integrated Board Approved Academic Hockey Academies inside the normal school time table helping young people throughout British Columbia with their pursuit of academic and hockey excellence. At RPM & Pacific Rim we don’t pigeon hole players we believe each player is an individual with an individual goal. For that reason we offer parents and players a diversified service allowing you to select instructional programs and academic environments that will best suit you and your child's needs. Word of mouth and referrals continue to be our best form of Marketing!

We provide a quality program that players enjoy and come back to year after year.

The fundamental difference between RPM and other commercial providers is RPM is a skill based company. RPM focuses on the technical aspects of all hockey skills and in particular the bio-mechanics required to perform each skill.It is in this area bio-mechanics and individual technical skills that RPM excels creating a ‘foundation’ for proper skill development. Once the baseline of skills are inplace relative to each level entry, average and elite the transition to upper ended skill development, tactical play and winning hockey is a natural process. If winning hockey is a bi-product of tactical play, then tactical play is a bi-product of individual skill and individual skill is a bi-product of the biomechanics required to perform a given skill. RPM masterfully takes those biomechanics and breaks them down into easy to learn fundamentals that help the player to understand how their body needs to perform in order to execute the skills correctly. It takes years of experience coupled with sound communication skills and a genuine interest in working with young people to obtain the success we have on a day to day basis. We are a technical based instructional company working with entry level, average and elite level players. We get the results parents and players expect and we have been doing so for over 30 years!

- Craig Millin
Founder of RPM Hockey Company

RPM Hockey Company