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RPM's Alumni

Posted Wednesday May 30 12:37 by Craig Millin

Craig Millin - On Ice first year of the Pitt Meadows Hockey Academy 2004

There are plenty of providers out there that like to boast that they have worked with players who have gone on to play hockey for a living. At RPM our alumni are players who were regulars who routinely attended our programs year after year.

Having a player attend a one week - five day hockey school as a six year old shouldn't allow you to take credit for their success and development.

While we take pride in helping them with their development no one provider can take the credit in reality a players success is due to a group effort, parents, coaches, teachers, instructors, fellow players and many more have all had a role to play and an impact made.

RPM quietly goes about its business year after year, no grandstanding and no patting ourselves on the back or boasting on social media we prefer to let our actions and results speak for themselves.

Left to right Cam Neely, Brendan Morrison, Andrew Ladd, Patrick Weircioch, Willie Coetzee, Brenden Dillon, Brad Hunt.

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