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September 2023 - Academies Register Here

Posted Friday October 30 17:31 by Craig Millin

Academy Registration Open

Riverside Secondary - Port Coquitlam - Grades 9-12

Registration Open to new applicants

To register for Riverside/Port Coquitlam Hockey Academy

The program has certainly been worth the money from my perspective. Thanks all who are involved. 

Hi there - just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a terrific job, and my son has really enjoyed everything so far.  He is in Grade 12, and I wish this had been offered last year too.  He has no complaints, nor do I.  He is really looking forward to the next few months Thanks a lot! 

Hello, My son, was thrilled when he first heard he could attend the hockey academy at Riverside Secondary.  It actually made him look forward to the start of school.  The academy is meeting both his and our (parents) expectations.  My son talks highly of the on and off ice training with everything seeming to be balanced and well rounded.  The instructors are knowledgeable and to push the player to become better, not compared to others, but against themselves.  

Centennial Secondary - Coquitlam - Grades 9-12

Registration Open to new applicants

To register for Centennial/Coquitlam Hockey Academy

To RPM , Just a quick note to let you know that my daughter (grade 9) has enjoyed this class.  She has been on the ice since she was six years old playing Ringette and just starting playing Hockey one year ago.  She has always been a great skater, but she definitely needed the puck handling and control practice.  Watching her play her games now, not only has her puck handling improved, but I also see her skating has improved.  She is hoping to be able to take this class again in grade 10. Thank-you

My son is involved in the hockey academy this year at Centennial.  His involvement in hockey stems from a deep abiding love and respect for the game.  Outside the city hockey association, Tony has never had an opportunity to develop his skills in an atmosphere where stick handling, power skating, shooting and development of hockey instinct is encompassed in one setting.  The academy offers a quality program which enables each student to develop into a more confident and skilled player.  I believe the instructors and teachers involved in the academy are instrumental in providing quality on-ice and off-ice programs that will help the students become better players and well-rounded individuals. 

Grade 10 Centennial Hockey Academy Student:  The Hockey Academy provides a high level of development. The trainers are very good. The program itself is better than what I was expecting it to be. It's been great!

PMSS Secondary - Pitt Meadows - Grades 8-12

Registration Open to new applicants

To register for Pitt Meadows Hockey Academy

Hi there I would like to thank all your staff as this is the first year our son has been in the academy in Pitt Meadows, although he has been in a couple sessions in the summer to get ready for the tryouts we wish we had put him in the academy in the previous years as he is having a great time and getting allot out of it. We feel he is getting good quality teaching that he has not gotten before and learning good techniques that will help him now and in the future 

My son is in the Pacific Rim Hockey Academy in Grade 11 at Pitt Meadows secondary School.  He loves the program and we intend to continue with it next year as well. I believe that the Academy is a great program and excellent value.  Our son's goal is to play hockey at university while pursuing a post-secondary degree. I further believe that the Minor Hockey associations that have students in these programs enjoy the benefits of this tremendous development.  I only wish that more students would take these programs.  I hope that others appreciate the value of having programs such as these in our community.  

To whom it might concern,I write this letter to acknowledge the excellence of the hockey academy located in Pitt Meadows. My son’s hockey skills increased significantly at the end of the season he was the best player in his hockey team and due to his dedication he received an award. The emphasises at the academy is that hockey skills are learned at the level the hockey player is. My son plays Rep Hockey, I think there is a lot to learn, and the players at the academy learn it well. Last but not least if you count all the hours on ice and all the off ice It is a great deal!!!!!. My youngest son started in the hockey academy in September and he loves it too!

NWSS Secondary - New Westminster - Grades 9-12

Registration Open to new applicants

To register for New Westminster Hockey Academy

Hello, Our son is in the hockey academy at NWSS He really enjoys it. The breakdown of certain skills is excellent and as a parent watching his league games, I can see more confidence in his game, better conditioning and refinement of his hockey skills.

Not only does my son love the on ice time, he is, also, very engaged in the dry land training.  I have noticed his overall conditioning has greatly improved.  We have also noticed a steady improvement in his hockey skills.As a parent, this is another benefit to the program. Another benefit is that he is spending some of his spare time volunteering down at the rink helping younger kids in their skating program. 

Attending the academy has the benefit of introducing my son to older kids that look out for him and support him around the school. He has mentioned this several times that the kids at the school in the academy are like a team, have bonded and stick up for each around school. This is a significant benefit to us as Adam is a first year student at Centennial and had some anxiety about integrating into a new school – the academy has made this transition much easier


Don Ross Secondary - Squamish - Grades 7, 8 & 9

Registration Open to new applicants

To register for Don Ross Hockey Academy

What a program we will be telling all of our friends!

My son loves the Don Ross Academy so much he is hoping that Howe Sound Secondary will provide one as he transitions from grade 9 to 10

Whistler Secondary - Whistler - Grades 8-12

Registration Open to new applicants

To register for Whistler Hockey Academy


I am quite pleased with the Pacific Rim Hockey Academy’s professionalism and have noted that my teenage son has had no problem getting up for the ice times and dry land training. He in fact quite enjoys the ice times and the on ice drills/coaches that he has had.

My son is enjoying the RPM hockey academy.   He was a little hesitant at first given that it was 5 days per week, plus P.E. and of course he plays for a hockey team.  He has gone down 2 pant sizes in 2 months, he is stronger, faster, and enjoying the program.  He told me this week that he would like to sign up again for next year.

Just a note to thank you for developing the hockey academy at Whistler High School. Our son thoroughly enjoys it, and looks forward to it each day. He goes to school with a positive attitude towards school and genuinely looks forward to the day. 

The benefits to our son of proper instruction in hockey skills, dry land development and nutrition, performance motivation, team play and sports psychology has significantly improved his performance and attitude in his sport pursuits as well as life and other relationships. The volunteer component of the program is very important to developing good community citizens, and we appreciate this being included.


SRT Secondary - Maple Ridge - Grades 8-12

Registration Open to new applicants

My son has loved every second of Hockey Academy.  It is run so well and you all are great with the communication and the program setup is really well put together. Thank you for all you do for the program (and all the other programs you run for the kids)

My son has become an excellent student by combining academics with the sport he loves.

Hi, My son, is enrolled in the RPM Hockey Academy.  I think it's a great program!  A very good mix of on ice and off ice activities.  Best of all, he loves it! I would not hesitate to enroll him in it for his next two years left at high school.  I would definitely recommend the program to anyone. Thank you. 

To register for SRT Hockey Academy

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